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  • Handyman


    From $72
  • Tutoring


    From $30
  • Personal Training


    From $50
  • Painter


    From $100
  • Babysitting


    From $35
  • Landscaping


    From $25
  • Pet Care


    From $30
  • Cleaning


    From $45
  • Heavy Lifting


    From $35
  • Furniture Assembly


    From $45
  • Electricial


    From $100
  • TV Mounting


    From $45
  • Plumbing


    From $100
  • Snow removal


    From $30
  • Moving


    From $45


When you need to hire someone - a landscaper, a babysitting, anyone - Helpt finds them for you for free.

Our Mission

Helpt was created to help as many people as possible with not only a great product but also by building a great community. The way we see it we’re all in this together and it’s our obligation to live our lives to the fullest. Whether you choose to be a helper, the person hiring, or both your doing more than using an app on your phone.


You’re joining a community built around the value of helping people. Join your neighbors and come change the world one job at a time.

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We see every hire as a chance to make your life easier, save you precious time, and brighten your day

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Whether you’re looking for more jobs, more money, or more time, working for Helpt has got you covered. It’s so easy to use, we recommend you complete a job today. Plus, you can tell people you’ve got the best boss in town: you!

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Make money, keep your tips, and use in-app tools to help maximize your earnings.

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The Benefits

  • Save Time

    Our on-demand technology makes finding help faster than ever. Whether you need help today or tomorrow our helpers are ready.

  • Safe & Secure

    Safety is our #1 priority. Our Helpers go through a background check and vetting process before they help anyone. Everything is done through the app. No need to carry cash with you.

  • Local Focused

    Good things happen when people can help others, whether in your city or towards their dreams. We are here to help your community thrive.

local stories

  • Client

    Haley R.

    “We found so many reliable people on Helpt. And some of the people we found on Helpt, like our electrician, we use him now. He’s great.”


    Zaya j.

    “As a student, it’s hard to complete my classwork around a schedule. I realized helpt was the perfect opportunity to make money and work on my own time! Working with helpt gives me freedom in my schedule to focus on school, which is my main priority.”

  • Client

    Terry J.

    “I didn’t realize how many helpers Helpt had on it. You type in things like ‘cleaning,’ you get tons of helpers. You type in ‘landscaping,’ you get a ton of helpers. You name it. It’s here.”

    Personal Training

    Mike N.

    “It’s easier than ever to pursue my dream as a personal trainer. My clients all have different goals and I am the one to help them reach it!”

  • Client

    Sarah B.

    “As a parent I want to spend time with my kids. I start my to-do list with helpt everyday. I recommend it to all my friends!”


    joe t.

    “My clients like to call me a hero, whether it be last minute repairs or putting up a TV. It feels good to be appreciated.”